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The High Cycle

The feeling of  being enduringly stoned on a low-grade marijuana; the flashes between few intense highs and usually the terrible lows, wallowing in misery with epic high vibes; the misery of being accustomed to the blacker side of the grey for like forever. Ultimately it has to go but why at the time you start enjoying it. The addiction.. but “the thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually what ever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good and starts to hurt.” 

But habits change, memories fade; they are meant to be, sooner or later. They vanish like they never existed. You look high above the sky and laugh; loudly, insanely, you guffaw followed by a complete silence. That’s the moment when you hit rock bottom of being sober,clean, self-possessed, non-indulgent. An unfamiliar territory, indeed. This nausea turns out to be the most haunting stretch of your life. You struggle, you suffocate, the world shrinks beneath your feet. But eventually you learn to live with it and a moment comes when it flip overs, you again start seeing things. The white side of the grey, being the sober high. An addiction, nevertheless. That’s how the life high cycle is…